About Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Dr. Koray Kır

If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, chances are you have a lot of questions on your mind. Breast augmentation surgery is often preferred, especially after situations like pregnancy and childbirth that lead to a decrease in breast volume. On the other hand, women with naturally small breasts also opt for breast augmentation surgery.

What if I Get Pregnant After Breast Augmentation Surgery? Will Implants Be Affected by This Situation?

Pregnancy doesn’t affect the integrity of the implants. However, it may alter the appearance of your breasts. Every woman’s breasts temporarily swell during pregnancy, and breast tissue increases. After pregnancy or when you stop breastfeeding, the tight skin may cause your implants to settle slightly lower on your chest.

The extent of the changes that may occur depends on the size of the implants used in breast augmentation surgery and the patient’s skin.

Do Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement Methods Work?

Non-surgical breast enlargement creams, pills, and injections have gained popularity in recent years as an economical alternative to breast implants. However, these treatments are not permanent, like breast augmentation surgery. Although they may seem initially cost-effective, continually undergoing these procedures may lead to spending more money in the long run.

Should I Worry About Implant Leakage in Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Leakage is possible but rare. If you have saline breast implants, they deflate quickly, and the body absorbs the harmless saline solution. Leakage of new silicone-based implants won’t leak into your body as they are made of semi-solid silicone. A silicone gel implant rupture can only be detected with ultrasound or MRI. In this case, you may experience unexpected sensitivity or slight changes in appearance. Overall, technological advancements have made leaks rare and not something to worry about.