Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Surgery

meme estetigi hakkinda sik sorulan sorular
Dr. Koray Kır

Breast surgery is a popular choice among women seeking aesthetic enhancements. However, there are still many questions surrounding breast surgery. Keep reading to dispel these uncertainties and gain more detailed information.

What Is the Best Time for Breast Surgery After Giving Birth?

At least one year after stopping breastfeeding, the milk ducts may still be active, producing non-existent milk, and there may be a higher risk of infection with the silicone implant used in breast surgery. Breast surgery is a significant procedure, so a date for the procedure without complications can be determined through examination after stopping breastfeeding.

How Is the Right Breast Implant Size Chosen for Each Patient?

One of the most crucial parts of breast surgery is selecting the right implant, size, and shape for you. Patients often have different expectations from the surgeon, so the first step in the initial examination and consultation is to fit the patient with an elastic bra containing breast sizers to select the best size for their body.

How Long Does the Recovery Process Take After Breast Surgery?

This depends on many factors and varies from patient to patient. Regardless of the type of breast surgery, the patient needs a certain amount of time to rest after the surgery. If the patient takes good care of their body during the recovery process and avoids making sudden movements, they can recover quickly. However, not following the instructions can increase the risk of complications after breast surgery, affecting the recovery process.