When is Breast Augmentation Performed?

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Dr. Koray Kır

Women enter adolescence at a certain age. Breast development begins during adolescence and continues. After adolescence, breasts remain stable in size. During this process, regardless of age, a person may feel that their breasts are small. They may not like it because their clothes don’t fill their chest. They may not feel happy when they look in the mirror about this. They may attribute the lack or inadequacy in their sexual life to the smallness of their breasts. It’s a condition that affects a person’s psychology. However, cosmetic surgery performs operations to make the parts of the body that a person does not like more pleasing when they look in the mirror and feel happier and more beautiful. Plastic surgeons also perform breast augmentation surgery.

Concerns about Appearance in Women

If women do not like the size of their breasts, they can solve this problem with surgery. Women with small breasts can enlarge them with breast implants. Women who experience sagging due to factors such as aging, breastfeeding, or pregnancy can lift them with breast prostheses. In breast augmentation surgeries, planning is done considering the patient’s existing breast tissue, measurements, shape, and the size the patient desires. After planning based on the patient’s characteristics, the doctor decides which type and size of prosthesis are more appropriate and to what extent they will be placed. Although this surgery is an aesthetic procedure, it is a surgical procedure, and there are medical rules to follow. Although the patient’s desires are considered, plastic surgeons must adhere to these rules for the operation to be successful and achieve natural results.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Women who have underdeveloped breast tissue, whose breasts have shrunk due to weight loss or breastfeeding, may want to undergo this surgery. In addition, a person’s breasts may appear small according to their body. This smallness may be congenital or may persist after pregnancy. Size, position, or sagging between the two breasts may vary in each woman. With this surgery, these two breasts can be brought to a similar shape. Women who want to feel attractive and more feminine can achieve the confidence, clothing, and happiness they desire with this surgery. It is recommended to wait for the completion of the breast development process for better results for this surgery.