Cosmetic Surgeries as Summer Approaches

yaza girerken estetik ameliyatlar
Dr. Koray Kır

Many individuals considering cosmetic procedures often wait for the winter months to undergo surgery, assuming that summer is unsuitable. However, contrary to popular belief, most cosmetic surgeries can also be performed during the summer months. The success of cosmetic procedures is not dependent on summer or winter. Therefore, cosmetic surgeries can be scheduled in any season. All post-operative care considerations apply both in summer and winter.

Sun exposure is one of the most critical aspects to consider after cosmetic procedures. As summer approaches and during the summer months, avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight is essential. This is particularly crucial for aesthetic operations performed on the facial area to ensure that the surgical scars remain inconspicuous.

Protecting any remaining surgical scars from the sun after cosmetic surgeries is imperative. Sun exposure during the healing process can cause the scars to darken and become more noticeable. Since surgical scars from almost all body aesthetic surgeries will be beneath swimwear or bikinis, extra effort is not required to protect them from the sun. However, when it comes to facial aesthetic surgeries, protecting against sunlight is crucial. Especially for individuals with very fair skin, it’s essential to use sunscreen with high protective properties.

Another situation that may require sunscreen, particularly during the intense sunlight of summer or spring, is bruising that may develop after cosmetic surgery. If bruises are exposed to the sun while healing, it can cause skin discoloration. The complete healing process for bruises can take up to three weeks. Therefore, individuals planning summer vacations should schedule their surgery at least three weeks before the trip.

Since cosmetic surgery is possible as summer approaches, you can gather the courage and consult with your doctor as soon as you’re ready to discuss the details without postponing your plans.