Silicone Implant Placement in Breast Augmentation

silikon protezler kac sekilde yerlestirilir
Dr. Koray Kır

Silicone Implant Placement in Breast Augmentation

There are many aspects of breast augmentation surgeries that women are curious about. However, women who research before deciding on breast augmentation are particularly interested in how and from which area silicone implants will be placed. Silicone implants are used to enlarge and lift the breasts in breast augmentation. Women who desire a beautiful appearance also want the silicone implant to be placed in a way that leaves no noticeable scars.

The location of the incision and where the silicone implant will be placed in breast augmentation surgery depend on many factors. Breast size, shape, degree of sagging, skin quality, and nipple size are among these factors. Silicone breast implants can be placed in 3 ways. The ways in which silicone implants are placed are as follows:

Inframammary Fold (Under the Breast)

Making an incision in the fold under the breast provides convenience in placing the silicone implant and is, therefore, often preferred. In a person with a deep inframammary fold, it is almost impossible to see the incision and the resulting scar. This area is also helpful as it can be reused when the breast silicone implants need to be replaced or removed.

Periareolar (Around the Nipple)

The dark-colored area around the nipple is called the areola. In this method, an incision is made in this area, usually around the lower half of the areola. However, if a breast lift surgery is to be performed, another incision may be made in the form of a line descending from this area. Incisions around the areola provide convenience in placing silicone implants, and since the area is dark-colored, the possibility of visible scarring is almost minimized.

Transaxillary (Through the Armpit)

The most preferred method for patients who do not want any scars visible on the breast is placing the silicone implants through the armpit. However, even though the incision, which will not be visible on the breast, heals to become less noticeable, it may still cause a visible scar under the armpit. Additionally, because the incision site is far away, placing silicone implants through this method can be challenging.