Postpartum Tummy Tuck

dogum sonrasi karin germe
Dr. Koray Kır

One of the biggest challenges after childbirth is the sagging of the abdomen. The weight gained during pregnancy and the gradual loss after birth can cause significant abdominal changes. Abdominal sagging can result not only from childbirth but also from aging, fluctuations in weight, and the effects of gravity. However, new mothers are often the most affected by this condition. The best cosmetic procedure to address abdominal sagging is a tummy tuck surgery.

A tummy tuck surgery removes excess and sagging skin from the abdominal area and tightens the area. However, new mothers often have questions about whether they can undergo a tummy tuck surgery immediately after giving birth. Despite the remarkable changes that occur in the abdomen during pregnancy – weight gain, abdominal expansion, and changes in pelvic bone angle – deciding whether to have a tummy tuck surgery right after childbirth is not as straightforward as it may seem.

For many individuals, especially after their first childbirth, a balanced diet and regular exercise can help the body return to its pre-pregnancy state and become firmer. However, for some individuals, the inability to achieve this goal can lead to psychological issues. In such cases, a tummy tuck surgery can provide a solution for mothers looking to regain their pre-pregnancy body. Therefore, a tummy tuck surgery may be considered one of the best gifts for a mother after childbirth. However, proper planning is essential.

Before undergoing a tummy tuck surgery postpartum, the breastfeeding period needs to end, and the mother should reach her ideal weight by shedding any excess pounds. Only then can a tummy tuck surgery be considered. Excess skin and fat are removed during the surgery, and the abdomen is reshaped. Since the incision made during the surgery can be hidden under underwear, it’s considered a highly functional procedure.