Breast Surgery During Breastfeeding

emzirme doneminde meme ameliyati
Dr. Koray Kır

With pregnancy, breasts enlarge and expand as the pregnancy progresses, transitioning to the breastfeeding period after childbirth, during which they may further increase in size. Alongside the weight gained during pregnancy, breastfeeding mothers may feel uncomfortable with the size and sagging of their breasts. New mothers often wonder whether breast surgery can be performed during breastfeeding. However, undergoing any cosmetic surgery during the breastfeeding period is not advisable.

During pregnancy, breasts prepare for lactation, and after childbirth, hormonal changes trigger milk production, initiating the breastfeeding period. The duration of breastfeeding varies from person to person. Milk secreted in the mammary gland travels through milk ducts to the nipple, where the baby’s sucking action stimulates milk release. This sucking action also stimulates increased milk production. Additionally, even after the end of the breastfeeding period, milk production may continue for a few more months. Under such circumstances, undergoing breast cosmetic surgery is unacceptable.

Mothers desiring breast surgery should first complete the breastfeeding period, wait for their breasts to reach their final form, and ideally achieve their target weight. After all these steps, once the breasts have settled into their final shape, they become suitable for breast cosmetic surgery. Some babies may want to breastfeed for a few years, which is crucial for their health. Rushing into surgery during this time can not only harm the mother’s health but also affect the baby’s well-being.

Especially during the breastfeeding period and the few months after weaning, it is not an appropriate time for breast cosmetic surgery. During this time, the milk ducts may still be filled with milk, and the blood vessels may remain dilated. Breast surgeries performed during this period can pose challenges for both infection and wound healing. Therefore, the best course of action is to wait and undergo breast cosmetic surgery only after completing this entire process.