4 Important Points for a Flawless Nose Job

kusursuz bir burun estetigi icin 4 onemli nokta
Dr. Koray Kır

Nose surgery is one of the most preferred procedures for both women and men. Nose surgery ranks first among aesthetic procedures worldwide. It is a valuable surgery because it not only changes the appearance of the face and the entire person but also provides solutions to functional problems.

Especially in individuals with nasal deformities or overly large noses, this can lead to self-confidence issues and psychological strain. However, there are some important points to consider for a flawless nose surgery. Here are 4 of them:

Psychological Preparation

After deciding on nose surgery, you should explain all your concerns and why you are dissatisfied with your nose in detail to your doctor. However, while doing this, you should also consider whether you are ready for a challenging process psychologically. You should evaluate that you will not immediately get your new nose after nose surgery, your nose will be bandaged for a while, and it may take up to a year for your new nose to fully emerge. You should question your psyche.

Finding the Nose That Suits You

One of the most important issues in nose surgery is finding the nose that suits you. While doing this, even if you admire someone else’s nose, wanting the same may disappoint you. Because the nose is personal, and everyone’s nose should be in a shape that suits them.

Correct and Quality Breathing

After a successful nose surgery, not only the shape of the nose but also functional problems will be corrected. You may have overlooked that you cannot breathe properly without realizing it. However, after the surgery, you will notice that you can smell all scents easily and breathe correctly.

Not Being Noticed

You should understand that you will be happy when people do not realize that your nose is aesthetic when your nose finds itself completely after nose surgery. In this case, it means that your nose has become identified with you and suits you.