Summer Aesthetics

yaz estetigi
Dr. Koray Kır

In general, there isn’t a specific time for surgeries. However, surgeries that involve rejuvenating the upper layer of the skin, such as laser skin resurfacing (laser abrasion), chemical peels, and mechanical removal of the upper layer of the skin (dermabrasion), are preferably avoided during times when the sun’s rays are intense.

Considering that the summer season is approaching, when people tend to wear lighter clothes and pay more attention to their bodies, especially ladies, surgeries like body and breast augmentations and liposuction tend to increase. The timing for these surgeries can be chosen about a month before or after a vacation, as long as sun protection with SPF 50 sunscreen is ensured. There’s no harm in having these surgeries during the summer.

Those opting for procedures on the facial area during the summer months should be particularly cautious. Nose surgeries, eyelid procedures, and facial fat injections are performed during the summer for fair-skinned individuals. At the same time, those with darker skin tones should consider postponing these procedures until the end of summer. Especially for facial procedures, exposure to the sun should be avoided for proper healing.

For surgeries involving the deeper layers of the skin, such as temple lifts, aesthetic rhinoplasty, earlobe repairs, and hair transplant surgeries, simply avoiding sun exposure until swelling and bruising subside is sufficient. This period varies between 2-3 weeks, depending on the patient and the type of surgery. Botox injections and various filler procedures (tissue injections, silicone, collagen, hyaluronic acid, micro granule-containing substances) can also be performed during summer.

In conclusion, based on the patient’s comfort, seasons should only be considered for post-operative care, such as bandaging and wearing a corset. Otherwise, the season alone is not a factor that would prevent surgeries from being performed.